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Can we do Masters in the US after B.Sc IT

Published date :Author: harvinder1998 Views: 1434 Views

Doing Master of Science (MS) degree is really a good option as:

  • It is a gateway to a doctoral degree sought by anyone who intends to carve a career in academia.
  • This is a boon for individuals interested in deepening their knowledge and expertise in a limited area, like, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Management Information System etc.

So now let’s look out the eligibility criteria for MS

Most of the American universities demand 16 years of formal education to be eligible for a Master’s program. Since a Bachelor’s degree in India is a three-year program (B.Sc, B.Com, B.A etc), that adds up to 15 years (including 10 years of schooling plus 2 years junior college).

Here’s some good news, though.  

Lately, some American universities, have begun to accept 15 years of formal education, instead of 16, if the rest of your application package is especially strong. That’s because they view each applicant in their entirety, as a whole package, when they evaluate applications.  

Thus, according to new criteria one who have done BSc(IT) is eliglibe for MS as per his/her good GRE/GMAT scores that would be hard for university to resist. But in order to secure an acceptance in one of the most elite universities of the US it is preferable to have an additional year of education after graduation. It can be a 1 year post graduation diploma.

Find the list of One Year Post Graduation Diploma programs one can do after B.Sc IT/ B.Sc Cs that would offer you a headstart in your IT career and increase your chances of getting an acceptance.