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Career Options After Completing B.Sc IT

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These are probably the best roles B. Sc IT graduates can get and are not taught to college graduates.These technologies are neither a part of B Sc syllabus nor a part of, MCA or any other degree:

  1. Front-end development: In this, you work on building dynamic interfaces for websites or web apps. HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and knowledge of frameworks like Angular, Vue, React are the major skills required to get a job in this. As a starting salary, you can get 4-5 LPA. In have wrote this amazing blog on how I started my career learnt front end development. Zero to hero guide in front end development .
  2. Back-end development: For this, you need to know a back-end programming language like PHP, JavaScript, Python, C# etc. Similar to front-end, you also require knowledge of framework. Frameworks differ based on language. If you work with Python as back-end programming language, you would also need to know Django, Flask or any other Python-based framework. As a fresher back-end developer, you can easily get 5-6 LPA. In fact, there are companies which even pay 10-12 LPA. But don’t get your hopes high, developers who get that kind of package are exceptionally talented.
  3. Full-stack development : In this, you work on both front-end and back-end. so you need to know technologies used across both. Full-stack developers are paid better than front-end or back-end developer, their salary can go as high as 15 LPA. These are probably the best roles B. Sc IT graduates can get.

Now, if you notice, the above technologies are not taught to college graduates. these technologies are not part of B Sc syllabus. These technologies are also not a part of, MCA or any other degree. So you have to learn these on your own. But these are the technologies companies like Flipkart, Amazon, Zomato, OYO are using in their websites. When you apply for these roles, projects are the first thing companies ask for. You can use platforms like Udemy, Udacity, Edureka, edWisor to learn these technologies. So if you want to get these good roles, you should follow this simple approach – 

  • Choose one of the domain and learn the required technologies
  • Work on projects and build your portfolio
  • Get hired  

Also, a lot of companies hire front-end developers, back-end developers, and full-stack developers based on the projects people do here. So you will also get job opportunities. So give it a try.