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How to study for semester exams in one week?

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How to study for semester exams in one week:

Wondering how to study for semester exams? Well with little strategic planning you can get the most out of your study sessions.

Following are some of the key aspects that helped me to score well, when I had very short time-span to study.

Understand your Goal?

Before you jump into start your exam preparation, just hold on for a minute and understand what’s your goal . How much do you want to score and why do you want that score . Understanding what you want is important because we’ll create a study plan according to the score. Study plans will be different to score 40+ and 65+.

Selecting a score is easy but the real game changer is to understand why you want that particular score because that’s something that help you to stay motivated and consistent to achieve that score.

Understand the Question Paper Structure

Understanding the paper pattern is very crucial to achieve your desired score. Mumbai University usually lay the questions in a particular structure.

For Example : Following is a question paper of Enterprise Java – Sem 5 B.Sc (IT).

Each subpart represents a particular unit

Subpart 1 – Unit 1

Subpart 2 – Unit 2

Subpart 3 – Unit 3

Subpart 4 – Unit 4

Subpart 5 – Unit 5

Now that you understand the structure, create an action plan

If you want to score above 55

You’ll have to study 4 Complete Units.

Else if you want to score just near 40,

Studying 3 Units will just be more than enough.

**Easy hack to score more in less time**

Even though now you know how many units to study in order to achieve your score, Its still going to be very impractical to study all of that when you just have a week left for the exams.

The number one question in you’re head right now would be how to study then?

Hardwork is important but in order to achieve something incredible in a short span of time you’ll have to blend it with Smartwork.

What you can do here is, first start off with the important questions. In order to know what the important question are you’ll have to compare previous year question papers.

ou can clearly make out that approximately 13 questions worth 60 marks are repeated from November 2018 to April 2019, and if you go through all the subjects question papers you’ll be astonished to find that 70% of the questions are repeated.

So the sequence of your study for enterprise java should be to

1.     Study the repeated questions

2.     Study Both the question papers

3.     Then, minimum 2 complete units.

Hope this helps!